Welcome to the Podiatry Logging Service!

The American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery (ABFAS) created the Podiatry Logging Service (PLS) so that graduating residents could track their surgical cases after residency. ABFAS uses the information in PLS for Case Review which is part of the board certification process.

You will have a database of your surgeries at your fingertips. This collective documentation will substantiate podiatric surgery’s role in healthcare. Long term, this benefits you and helps to improve podiatry’s position in patient foot and ankle care.

Case Review Webinar - Join us on Tuesday, February 9, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time, to learn important items to know as you prepare your case documentation. Register now here.
To help us address your issues, you can submit any questions that you have in advance here.
For those unable to attend the webinar, we will post a recording on the ABFAS website by Friday, February 12.
ABFAS has added Category 6 to PLS. This new category mirrors PRR’s category 6 and is intended to capture procedures performed in the hospital or operating room that do not fit appropriately in categories 1-5. Do not use it for logging procedures outside of the operating room, e.g. procedures performed in a clinic or office setting.

The PLS procedure codes have been updated to match the Podiatry Residency Resource (PRR) codes.

ABFAS is implementing new security features to protect our systems. As a result, the username and password that you use with the Podiatry Logging System (PLS), must match the one you use for the ABFAS website.

ICD and CPT code fields have been removed from PLS.